Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Jackson: Grown Up by Teresa E. Harris illus by Ag Ford

Summer Jackson: Grown Up

Summer Jackson: Grown Up by Teresa E. Harris and illustrated by Ag Ford is a really sweet read aloud book that sure to become a favorite.  The author is so spot on with her depiction of a child who can't wait to grow up.   I always marvel at children who try constantly to be considered a grown up.  This just doesn't apply to girls but to boys as well.   This is the kind of book that makes me wish I was doing story times again.   It is a fun read with wonderful illustrations.  I know that not only will the kids enjoy it but their parents too.   This is the perfect book for the mini adult in your life....

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  1. It sounds fun! Isn't it something how children can't wait to grow up, and once we do grow up, we keep wishing we could be young again!