Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flashback Tuesday: The Star-Spangled Banner illustrated by Peter Spier

What better way to celebrate Flag Day but with a book that celebrates our flag.   I was never one to want to change our National Anthem....it makes me cry.   Whenever I hear this song as well as see our beautiful flag I am filled with great emotion and pride at being an American.   

The Star-Spangled Banner (Reading Rainbow Books)
The Star-Spangled Banner written by Francis Scott Key and illustrated with wonderful illustrations by Peter Spier is a must have book for everyone.   I love how Mr Spier's illustrations really capture the words and bring them to life.   There is so much to look at in this book that children will never be bored. It has all the words to the Anthem....which we never really hear.  I like the collection of flags of the United States and all the historical data too.   The fact that it is more than just a picture book means it can have a broader audience.   This is definitely a book that can grow with a child.   A must have book for all ages...

Happy Flag Day Everyone!

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  1. Thanks for sharing about this book, Rosemary. Children and adults too could benefit from learning or being reminded more about this important part of our history and those words that are very meaningful but most people don't pay attention to or completely know.