Sunday, July 10, 2011

Reference Sunday: Potato Chip Science: 29 Incredible Experiments by Allen Kurzweil

Every year my family and I go on vacation to Long Beach Island, NJ.   One family tradition has us going to Uncle Will's Pancake House for a family breakfast.   In past years we would always wait for a table while browsing The Atlantic Bookshop next door.   It is a great bookstore with lots to offer.   When my niece and nephews were small my sister would buy them little activity books to use while we waited for breakfast.   A couple of years ago the store moved to a different location.   So instead of going before breakfast we usually go afterwards.   This year was no different.   It actually works out well because I always need a walk after eating a delicious breakfast.

Potato Chip Science: 29 Incredible Experiments

While perusing the store the store this past week I came across today's book.....Potato Chip Science by Allen Kurzweil .  I thought Workman Publishing had done it again by packaging a book on experiments with stuff to do those experiments in a potato chip bag.   Just when I thought I had seen everything....again very clever.   Clever packaging aside a book like this is only good if it is useful.   While it doesn't have all the components to do the experiments with it has enough to get a child started.   This is actually a great science kit because it appeals to the adult who wants their child to learn something and it appeals to the child who likes stuff. I especially liked the fact that the bag can be turned into a kind of kite....which is a very popular past time down the shore.

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