Sunday, July 17, 2011

Reference Sunday: We Are America by Walter Dean Myers illustrations by Christopher Myers

It has been so disheartening to watch the news lately.   It seems like no one can get along.   I especially hate the political climate where nobody can agree on anything.   Each "side" claims they are doing the best for our country but  all I see is fighting which makes me wonder if that is true.   Like I said it is very sad to have such divisiveness in this country.  Which is why I felt a sense of hope when I discovered today's book.

We Are America: A Tribute from the HeartWe Are America: A Tribute from the Heart by Walter Dean Myers and illustrated by Christopher Myers is a beautiful  book that shows us all that this country was, is and hopes to be.  This book illustrates in a simple way that America is filled with diverse and incredible people, it is because of our diversity that we are who we are.   It teaches children (and adults) what patriotism is all about.   That even though we come from different backgrounds and cultures we all have a commonality about us.   By really looking at our past we can truly see our future.   Walter Dean Myers profound poems combined with the wonderful illustrations of his son Christopher are a great way to teach children what it means to be an American----.  

As Mr Myers writes:  To each child a freedom dream
                                   To each soul the sweet taste of liberty
                                   To each heart give the promise
                                   Of America.

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