Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Robert Sabuda---King of Pop Ups

I have always loved Robert Sabuda pop-ups. The thing about Robert Sabuda is that he is also a talented illustrator in his own right. Once he started with Pop-Ups though he never looked back. He started relatively simply, one of his first Pop-ups was The Christmas Alphabet ~ a book of pop-ups using the letters of the alphabet mostly in white. Beautiful~but simple! My personal early favorite was his Cookie Count~I used to tell my nephew Daniel that this was a special book and that he could only look at it with me. Everytime he came over he asked to look at the "special" book. He was always amazed at it. Robert Sabuda also did one of the very first Kwanzaa books called A Kwanzaa Celebration~ which was great to read during story times!
My all time favorite is The Wonderful Wizard of Oz! It just amazed me how he could be so faithful to the story and the original illustrations with these incredible feats of paper engineering!

One of his most recent Pop-Ups is Peter Pan~another marvel!
Oh and my favorite non Pop-Up? Tutankhamen's Gift....I always liked King Tut. ;)

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