Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Otis by Loren Long

As a little girl one of my favorite books was The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton so I was pleasantly surprised to discover this sweet book by Loren Long called Otis. As soon as I saw this book it reminded me of a Virginia Lee Burton type of book. I was amazed to read on the flap that she was indeed an inspiration to him.

Otis is the story of a little tractor who becomes friends with a new born calf. They play together and comfort each other. Then a new tractor comes along and pushes little Otis aside but it is Otis who saves the day. This sweetly illustrated book is wonderful and a joy to read aloud. It will be fun for children to discover. I love the illustrations which have a very nostalgic feel about them.

The first time I discovered Loren Long he had illustrated a new version The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper. I knew he had potential and I am so happy to see how far he has progressed. This is by far his most wonderful work.

This is a perfect story to read aloud at storytime or bedtime. I know so many children who love tractors that this should be a hit with them. This is what I call an instant classic. A treasure to behold. Savor it!

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