Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy National Fudge Day!

According to a site I follow on Twitter called Foodimentary (which is where I get all my food themed book ideas) today is National Fudge Day.   I love the fact that I can tie so many books in with my love for food.   

In honor of it being National Fudge Day I thought I would recommend a series of books that are a great read for kids: the 'Fudge' books by Judy Blume.   I love 'Fudge' because he is one of the best characters to come along in recent years.   The fact that we are first introduced to him as a two year old shows that even a toddler can be interesting.   I think kids love him because he is a 'real' kid with 'real' actions.....he is someone they can relate to.   These are perfect books to get kids into reading.   Judy Blume has always understood how children think 'Fudge' is just one example of how she does it.    These books can never go out of style.

Pure Fudge : Fudge boxed setPure Fudge : Fudge boxed set

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing  



Double Fudge

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