Saturday, January 22, 2011

Shoe-La-La by Karen Beaumont illus by Leuyen Pham


Shoe-La-La by Karen Beaumont and illustrated by Leuyen Pham is one of those books that immediately caught my eye.   It is the kind of book that begs to be read as soon as you see it.   It is one of the girliest books I know but so perfect and spot on that I wish I had a little girl to give it to.   I have a feeling I might just give this to my niece Celia even though she is in was so her as a little girl.   She was the kind of girl who loved to dress up and would change her clothes constantly.   She was also big on shoes....which hasn't changed.   I sometimes wish we had the same size foot so I could raid her collection.   But back to the book~ Karen Beaumont's fun story matches perfectly with Leuyen Pham's incredibly adorable illustrations.   This is a must have new book for any little girl's storybook bookshelf.   I smile just thinking about it.....

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