Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fuddles by Frans Vischer

I realized going through some of the topics I have covered on this blog that I might be a little prejudiced against "cats".   I don't mean to is just I am more of a dog lover and whenever I see  a dog book I melt.   That being said I know that there are many cat fanciers out in the world so I need to give them equal time.   It was funny to come across today's book because it has a very similar story line to a book I loved last week:  Weiner Wolf.


Fuddles written and illustrated by Frans Vischer is the story of a spoiled cat who escapes his indoor paradise only to find the outside world is not that much fun.   This is a fun book that I know so many cat lovers can appreciate.   The illustrations are wonderfully visual ----- making this a fun read.   A "purrrfect" book to read aloud....I can practically hear the giggles now

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