Friday, October 1, 2010

Grandma's Smile by Randy Siegel illus by DyAnne DiSalvo

Grandma's Smile

Grandma's Smile by Randy Siegel and illustrated by DyAnne DiSalvo is he perfect new book for today.   It is the really sweet story of a little boy's who must help his Grandmother find her smile.   It is perfect because today is World Smile Day and also the International Day of Older Persons.  What grandparent doesn't smile when their grandchildren are around.   The illustrations are perfect in that they really show the love between a little boy and his grandmother.   This is the perfect book for anyone who has distant relatives and wants to keep them close.

The Grandma in the illustrations has a little white streak in her hair just like my Mom did and the boy reminds me of my nephews....which makes me smile!

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  1. That's great! I'm a smiling grandma after a recent visit with my grandchildren. Thanks for sharing this, Rosemary!