Sunday, October 17, 2010

Reference Sunday: Lives Turned Upside: Homeless Children in Their Own Words & Photographs by Jim Hubbard

The things that we learn by using the Internet.  The one thing I want this blog to be is informative.   I am always looking for ways to tie together what goes on in the world to books.   Today I found out is the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.  It originated in Paris in 1987 but was only recognized in the US in 1992.   According to wikipedia, and I quote" One of the main aims of the day is to make the voice of the poor heard. To this end, commemorations often include testimonies from people living in poverty, describing their own experiences or those of people they know"   

In doing research as to what book to highlight on today's blog I came across a title that moved me.  

Lives Turned Upside Down: Homeless Children in Their Own Words and Photographs

Lives Turned Upside: Homeless Children in Their Own Words and Photographs by Jim Hubbard was first published in the late 80's and early 90's.  He is a renowned photographer who gave camera's to children in order for them to document their lives.   The images are still quite powerful.   This book also became the basis for the organization Shooting Back.  Looking at these photograph's and seeing what these children see is inspiring.  What amazes me is that it is as if these photos were taken yesterday.  Not much has changed and yet there is a hopefulness that change will come.   This is a great book for children and adults to foster discussion and empathy for the world around them.  This is the perfect book for teachers and parents to use as a teaching tool so that maybe our children will grow up to care about others and try to help.   There is always hope.

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