Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Flashback Tuesday: The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne

Today is the birth anniversary of the iconic and classic author Jules Verne.   He has written so many famous books I thought I would recommend my favorite.
The Mysterious Island (Wordsworth Classics)

The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne is a classic castaway story with loads of adventure.   What I liked about this book was how the characters were able to survive and create a new world for themselves.   I also loved the mystery that surrounded the island---the twist at the end was a great surprise but a pleasant "ah ha" kind of surprise that I love.   I loved this book so much and knew my nephew would like it to----he liked science----that I gave it to him for his birthday (he was even nice about it the second time I gave it to him--aunts have a tendency to forget).   Anyway this would be great gift for an older child who likes mystery and science.   I look it at as a precursor to "Lost"----a wonderful classic that never gets old.

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