Sunday, February 27, 2011

You Are My Sunshine by Jimmie Davis illus by Caroline Jayne Church

Today is my nephew Michael's 13th birthday.   I can't believe he is a teenager.   I remember exactly what I was doing thirteen years ago today.   I was on store visits with my boss in Florida.   It was our last day there and I wanted to come home because I knew my nephew's arrival was imminent.   Although at that point I didn't know he was to be a "nephew".   For some reason every time I traveled with my boss we had some sort of car issue.   In this case it was running out of gas on a major Florida highway and accepting a ride from a stranger to a gas station.   Needless to say I was glad to get home.   I wasn't home for 10 minutes when we got the call that my nephew had been born.   He was such a sweet little baby, I used to love to sit and rock him.   He has always loved music and the one song that I considered "our" song was "You Are my Sunshine"....I would sing it to him over and over again as I rocked him to sleep.   This is why I am suggesting today's book.

You Are My Sunshine

You Are My Sunshine by Jimmie Davis and illustrated so sweetly by Caroline Jayne Church is wonderful little board book to share with a child.   It is the perfect new baby gift that will be read over and over again,(or should I say "sung" over and over again)....a must have new baby book that will never go out of style.

Happy Birthday Michael V....may there always be sunshine in your life.....

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