Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ladybug Girl by Jacky Davis illus by David Soman

Today I had an interesting conversation with one of my oldest friends.   I had called her for her birthday and we while we talking she mentioned the newest addition to her household.   It was a captured ladybug that she found on a head of lettuce.    She didn't want to release it into the wild because it is cold so she put it into a little container and is keeping it as a pet.   She said it is doing well and that she hope it makes it to spring so she can set it free.   My friend Kathleen has always been one to bring home strays....she has always had lots of pets that she either found or was given.   For instance her daughters teacher was moving and couldn't keep the class guinea pigs, so she called Kathleen to see if she would take them.   Kathleen was her first call.   She now has 4 cats, 2 guinea pigs, a mouse and of course a ladybug......who has many names  including Lulu,  which reminded me of today's book.

Ladybug Girl

Ladybug Girl by Jacky Davis and illustrated by David Soman is the story of a little girl named Lulu who likes to dress up like a Ladybug.  Well she likes to dress up as many things but her ladybug costume seems to be her favorite.   I like this book because it shows a child trying to amuse herself when she is bored and succeeding.   This is a great new character for little girls to relate to.  It is a refreshing story with great illustrations.   I love her dog too!  Perfect book for any little girl in your life.

Thanks Kathleen for reminding me of this really fun book!  Happy Birthday!

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