Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Cold Went on Vacation by Molly Rausch illus by Nora Krug

My Cold Went On Vacation
My Cold Went on Vacation by Molly Rausch and illustrated by Nora Krug is a clever new book that is perfect to read on a cold and rainy day such as today (at least where I am).   So many friends of mine are either suffering from allergies or fighting a Spring cold.   This is a great book to read to a child while they are sick in bed to help stir their imagination.  I love the idea that a cold "actually" travels around the world. The little boy who narrates the book sounds like all the children I know who are inquisitive and curious.    It is an easy read with really fun and quirky illustrations.  I would have loved to read this at a story time.....just to see the kids reactions and thoughts about where a "cold" goes.....

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