Sunday, May 29, 2011

Reference Sunday: Happy Memorial Day!

Tomorrow is actually Memorial Day ....May 30th was also the original day we celebrated until it was moved to the last Monday in May.   I also never knew that Memorial Day was once called Decoration Day and has been celebrated since the Civil War.   I like the idea of "Decoration Day"  ----I think it is wonderful that so many people go out and put flags on the graves of all who have served in our military.  

Last year I recommended two books that show children the importance of this special holiday.   It is not just a day to play.   Here is my post from Memorial Day 2010 as a reminder.   Today I am suggesting 2 more books that would also be a great way to explain this holiday to children.

Stars and Stripes Celebrate Memorial DayAmerica's White Table

Stars and Stripes Celebrate Memorial Day by Madeline Collins is a book for younger children that explains the holiday in a simplified way, delving into it's history and traditions.   I love the fact that the author wrote this as a Girls Scout project and that the proceeds are donated to the Bob Woodruff Foundation which helps  wounded soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

America's White Table by Margot Theis  Raven and illustrated by Mike Benny is a beautifully illustrated story that deals with honoring those who have served and died for their country.   A moving picture book that really cuts to the heart of what Memorial Day is all about.

Let's not forget what this holiday is all about....please join me tomorrow and take a moment to remember the men and women who gave their lives fighting for our country...let them never be forgotten.


  1. It was great meeting you last week. And thanks for these books -- I love holiday themed reading.