Monday, April 12, 2010

Celebrate Drop Everything And Read Day: Ellen Tebbits by Beverly Cleary

Today is National Drop Everything and Read Day or D.E.A.R.   This is a great day to hightlight the fact that families should get together and read.   To that point I just gave some Harry Potter books to my sister- in- law so that  she and my nephew can read them together.   It is a really good way to spend time with a child in your life.  

Today is Beverly Cleary's birthday which is fitting since she is the national spokesperson for this great event.   I chose to suggest one of my favorite Beverly Cleary books that I remember reading as a child.  

Ellen Tebbits by Beverly Cleary is the story about friendship and misunderstandings.   It is a great book to read together and a great story that is timeless. 

So pick up a book and read with your is an experience that will last a lifetime!

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