Monday, April 19, 2010

The Falling Raindrop by Neil Johnson & Joel Chin

This week brings us Earth Day on April 22nd.   I thought I would start the ball rolling by writing about a beautiful new book that shows the life cycle of a raindrop.

The Falling Raindrop by Neil Johnson and Joel Chin is the simple story of a raindrop falling to earth.   Initially there is an exuberance while the raindrop is flying....then the panic sets in as he realizes he is falling only to rise up to become steam and then form into another raindrop.   It is the perfect way to explain the science of a rain....but it is also a great way to explain change to a child.   We all experience change in our lives, sometimes we can feel the wonder of it and sometimes change can bring fear.   This book is a great way to show not only children but adults that change is not always a bad thing.  

I love the illustrations but unfortunately the cover does not come off very well online~best to it see in person....

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