Friday, April 9, 2010

Miss Brooks Loves Books (And I Don't) by Barbara Bottner Illus Michael Emberley

Normally I am not one to like a book that panders to teachers and librarian~~I can be a bit jaded that way.  But I can always make an exception.   When I first saw this book on the shelf I thought to myself  "well there is a teacher book"----but was I surprised ~~I loved it!   I couldn't help laughing over the most wonderful of characters.   Missy is like so many children I know, nothing you can say or do will change their mind.   The expressions on her face are priceless as she trys to find a book she can love too.   Michael Emberley is a fantastic illustrator who really gets what it means to be a kid. 

Miss Brooks Loves Books (And I Don't) by Barbara Bottner and illus by Michael Emberley is the perfect book to read now because Sunday April 11th is the start of National Library Week.  As there has been so much talk about cuts to funding for libraries this is the perfect time to support one.   We also need to support our teachers~this book shows us what kinds of educators we need in our schools.   If schools lay off teachers than the teachers who are left will be so stressed that they cannot give an individual child the attention they may need to succeed.   This would be a shame....we need librarians and teachers plain and simple. 

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  1. Great post about a terrific new book! It inspires me to keep dressing up (and doing everything else I can think of) as I introduce kids to the best in new books. :-)