Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Flashback Tuesday: Every Friday by Dan Yaccarino

Today is my father's birthday.   I always remembered the date because it is the "Ides of March"... of course I never knew what that meant until I read Julius Caesar in school.  I know so many people say this but in my case it is so true....my Dad was the best Dad in the world.   He was....really.   He was kind and understanding but never failed to teach us to do the right thing.   We always knew where we stood with him and that more than anything he loved us.    He taught me that no matter what I did he would support me even if he didn't agree with me.   He only wanted what was best for his children.

Every Friday

Every Friday by Dan Yaccarino reminds me of my Dad.   I was reminded of the book last week when I wrote about Mr Yaccarino's new book All the Way to America.  Just looking at the cover for Every Friday evokes strong memories of going to work with my Dad.   He dressed just like the father on the cover---right down to the hat.   His briefcase was not really a briefcase but an art bag.   But the idea is the same.   I loved to go to my Dad's studio, he was a commercial artist and did photographic retouching (think photoshop by hand).   I loved to sit at his desk and play with paints and  watch the other artists ply their trade.   I learned about mechanicals and story boards which always amazed me.   The best part was going to lunch.   We would go to the diner across the street (just like in the book) and have tuna sandwiches and milkshakes although he would have coffee.   This sweet book of a father and son doing a similar ritual evokes such wonderful memories.   Even though it is not exactly my story it is a wonderful story to read with your child and maybe help you start your own traditions with them.

I miss my Dad every day but know that he would be happy knowing the little things he did for me still mean alot.   Happy Birthday Daddy...I love you!

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