Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Flashback Tuesday: Frog & Toad by Arnold Lobel

The summer is almost over so I thought I would go to the pool with my nephews.   Since I hadn't thought of what to write about today I asked them for suggestions.   I asked them what books they liked when they were younger and my nephew Michael V immediately said "Frog & Toad".....I thought that was a great suggestion.

I always loved the Frog & Toad books by Arnold Lobel.   They were such simple stories of friendship and acceptance.   Here were two friends who were in a way such opposites and yet they got along so well.
These are more than just books to teach children how to read but are great read aloud story books as well.   They make wonderful gifts and are great reminders of the simpler things in life.   These are must have classics that every child should read.   Thanks to Michael V !

Frog and Toad Are Friends (I Can Read Book 2)Frog and Toad Are Friends 

Frog and Toad Together (I Can Read Picture Book)Frog and Toad Together

Frog and Toad All Year (I Can Read Book 2)Frog and Toad All Year 

Days with Frog and Toad (I Can Read, Level 2)Days With Frog and Toad

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