Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's a Book by Lane Smith

It's a Book

It's a Book by Lane Smith is one of those books that is really more for adults than kids.    That being said I would love to read this at a story time just to see parents and kids reactions alike.    Author/Illustrator Lane Smith has not subtly explained why "books" are still relevant.   The fact that it isn't subtle is what makes it so charming.    I love how the characters interact and their facial expressions are priceless. This is the kind of book that had me laughing out loud ~ which always brings stares from the people around me.   Like I said this is not really meant for kids but they can enjoy it too.   This is, for me, very reminiscent of Mr Smith's The Happy Hockey Family in style and tone.   I know so many people I can give this to and none of them are children.   I love books like this ~ it shows how not all "children's" books are meant to be enjoyed by children alone.   Oh and the message is great too!

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