Monday, November 8, 2010

Books About the Stars!

Recently a very dear friend emailed me with a request for help in looking for a gift for a little girl.   Seems this little 4 year old is fascinated by the night sky and the stars.   I love when kids like things we never expect them to like.   I know there are more children out there who interested in this so I thought I would post the book suggestions I gave my friend.   I won't tell you what she I don't want to spoil the surprise.

There Once Was a Sky Full of Stars

There Once Was a Sky Full of Stars by Bob Crelin from Sky Publishing.   What I liked about this book was the environmental aspect of the book.   Plus it is really pretty.

The Stars: A New Way to See Them

The Stars by H.A. Rey which is the classic night sky book by the author of Curious George.   It has been updated so the information is more current .

Kids Book of the Night Sky, The (Family Fun)

Kids Book of the Night Sky by Ann Love and illustrated by Heather Collins from Kids Can Press is meant for an older child but is great to read to younger children too.    I like that it is not just a book of the constellations but has legends and myths about the sky and lots of great activities.   This is a perfect book for a family with different age ranges as there is something for everyone.

Everything Kids' Astronomy Book: Blast into outer space with steller facts, integalatic trivia, and out-of-this-world puzzles (Everything Kids Series)

Everything Kids Astronomy Book by Kathi Wagner from   Adams Media is also a great reference book to have in the house.   I have always liked this series of books.

Zoo in the Sky: A Book of Animal Constellations

Zoo in the Sky: A Book of Animal Constellations by Jacqueline Mitton and illustrated by Christina Balit from National Geographic is beautifully illustrated book that points out the animal constellations in the sky.

These are just a few books I picked out that might appeal to a young child....let the gift buying begin!

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  1. Catching up on your blog today, and thrilled that you're sharing these books with the blogosphere! I'll let you know how the book I selected goes over after Christmas!