Thursday, November 11, 2010

In Honor of Veteran's Day!

Last year I recommended a few books for Veteran's Day that I think are still quite valid and important.   Here is the link to that page for the list of books that I talked about: Veteran's Day 2009.

This year, like the past few years, Veteran's Day has taken on a more important meaning. It is good to see a holiday being celebrated like it was originally intended.  After I posted last year I got a comment from an author, S. Terrell French  who suggested two middle grade readers that deal with Veteran's, not from some distant war but from Iraq.   I was still new to blogging that I never realized that she had commented.   I looked up the books she suggested and found them to be great books that deal with a subject so many children in this country are dealing with.  I was also amazed that Ms French recommended books she didn't write but felt passionate about.   I would like to thank her for her comment, albeit a year late.   
Heart of a Shepherd

Heart of a Shepherd by Rosanne Parry is a beautifully written book about a boy coming to terms with life and his future .  It has a different perspective on war that can be compelling.  This book  also has a religious theme to it but is not too preachy. It is meant for ages 9-12 and that is pretty much on target.     

Bull Rider

Bull Rider by Suzanne Morgan Williams is another middle grade reader that deals with the consequences of war and returning veteran's.   Kids should relate to this book of a boy who has to deal with family tragedy and how to overcome it.   Another book for ages 9-12. 

What sets these books apart from other books about war is that they are about a current conflict.  So again thanks to S. Terrell French for pointing these books out to me. 

More importantly I wish to Thank all who have served our will not be forgotten.  

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