Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Flashback Tuesday: I Love You Like Crazy Cakes by Rose A. Lewis Illus by Jane Dyer

In celebration of Adoption month I thought I would talk about one of my favorite books about adoption.   I know so many people who have adopted, it is a beautiful thing.
I Love You Like Crazy Cakes
I Love You Like Crazy Cakes by Rose A. Lewis and beautifully illustrated by Jane Dyer is a wonderful book about the joy of adoption.   The cover is so perfect.....friends of mine also adopted from China and this book reminds me of their little girls.   It is a hard journey to make but one that has a wonderful ending.   There are so many different kinds of adoption stories, what I liked about this one is that it is based on the author's own experience.  I am also a huge Jane Dyer fan and find her illustrations very warm and inviting. This is a great book to just read to any child, not just children who were adopted.   It is really just a very sweet story of a mother's love for her child.  

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