Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cooking with Henry and Elliebelly by Carolyn Parkhurst illus by Dan Yaccarino

Today is my sister-in-law's birthday, she is also my partner in our veggie burger business.   She loves to cook which is why we started a food business.   I thought today's book suggestion would be in her honor as we both love to watch cooking shows. Happy Birthday T!

Cooking with Henry and Elliebelly
Cooking with Henry and Elliebelly by Carolyn Parkhurst and illustrated by Dan Yaccarino is a really funny book that has a little boy who likes to pretend he is doing a cooking show.   He must "pretend" with his little sister because he was told by his mother he has to play with her.   It is told in a conversational way which makes it a wonderful read aloud.   Carolyn Parkhurst has kids minds down pat and Dan Yaccarino's illustrations made me laugh.   This is a great book about siblings that is just a fun read.   I can't wait to see what other adventures Henry and Elliebelly get into.  

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