Sunday, November 7, 2010

Reference Sunday: The Dark Game: True Spy Stories by Paul B. Janeczko

I love when I come across a book that I would have loved to have read as a child.  They always bring back great memories.
The Dark Game: True Spy Stories
The Dark Game: True Spy Stories by Paul B. Janeczko is one such book.   I have always loved mystery stories and history so this book fits right into what I love to read.   This is a great book because it teaches history in an interesting way. It has well known spies throughout history like Benedict Arnold and Mata Hari but it also tells of some unknowns which are equally fascinating.   It really is a companion piece to Mr Janeczo's previous book Top Secret: A Handbook of Codes, Ciphers and Secret Writings, which I also would have loved as a child.   I have  always been a fan of Paul B. Janeczko,  as I was a children's poetry book buyer for many years.  His poems are very accessible to children.   The Dark Game is a perfect gift for an older says it is for grades 6-8 but I know there are younger kids who will appreciate it.   Heck I know lots of adults who might like it too!

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