Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Only a Witch Can Fly by Alison McGhee, Illus by Taeeun Yoo

Only a Witch Can Fly is a new book by Alison McGhee and Taeeun Yoo. It is a sophisticated book that is just a joy to look at. Even though it takes place at Halloween it should really be read all year round. The words are lyrical and sweet and the illustrations are inspiring.

Normally I would try to talk about books that are really meant for children but sometimes I find that children's books are meant for adults. This is one that can cross over. I see it as something an adult would appreciate, truly a collectible. It is a sweet book to read aloud with charming lines with a calming rhythm. Apparently the poetry is in something called "sestina" which is a 12th century format. This would be great for an English class talking about different types of poetry.

The artwork is also wonderful and gives a warm feeling all around. This is a really magical book that should be treasured. It has a classic and timeless appeal.

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