Sunday, October 25, 2009

Reference Sunday:Alphab'art by Anne Guery & Olivier Dussatour

Today would have been the great Pablo Picasso's birthday. He was an incredible artist who continues to inspire millions with his art. Pablo Picasso also led a very colorful life which I think might be a prerequisite for genius. I thought of just giving a list of books about Picasso but then thought that anyone could do that.

The object of this blog is to help people choose good books for children. I enjoy giving suggestions and finding answers for people. I also like finding hidden treasures. To that end I found a book that I think would be a great help to anyone wanting to inspire children and educate them on the wonders of art. The book is called Alphab'art by Anne Guery & Olivier Dussatour. It was originally published in France and has been translated into English. It uses 26 pieces of art, one for each letter of the alphabet, to teach not only the alphabet but explanations of the artist and the painting. One letter of the alphabet is hidden in each painting.

It includes great works of art by such artists as the birthday boy Pablo Picasso, Matisse, Van Gogh, & Dali, as well as Hopper, Klee & many others. I love books like these because they make us realize that there are more to paintings or artwork than meets the eye. Which is why art is so important to the world.

Artists (and I mean any kind of artist including writers) create because they can't help it. True artists create for themselves but we reap the rewards just as much as they do. So Happy Birthday Mr Picasso ~thank you for enriching the world with your genius.

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