Sunday, October 18, 2009

Reference Sunday: Math Books!

OK so by now you know that I like to have themes for my blog entries. I think this goes back to my days in the bookstore when I would try to do certain things on certain days. Part of that was because I knew customers would come back again & again in expectation.

So on Sundays I like to write about some sort of reference book. The only criteria is that they not be boring, dare I say they should be fun!

Today is a special day because it is my niece Erin's birthday. She loves numbers and is a whiz at Math. When I first met her (she is married to my nephew Michael) she was still in college and had just finished a paper which had a number theme. She was the first person I knew outside of the book world who actually understood what an ISBN number was. (For those who are not aware this is the "international standard book number" each book has.) Needless to say I was impressed. She is also the person I go to when I have math issues. I always say I am a book person not a number person. So the two following books are fun books about numbers and math~they should be enjoyed by all!

Math Curse by Jon Scieszka & Lane Smith
Great story to read aloud showing how numbers can cause anxiety but still learn in the end that numbers can be fun.
Grapes of Math by Greg Tang & Harry Briggs
One of many Greg Tang's books that deal with numbers, math and problem solving. This too is told in an amusing way. I also love the title because I love the play on words.

Happy Birthday Erin!!!!

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