Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What Sisters Do Best/What Brothers Do Best by Laura Numeroff, Illus by Lynn Munsinger

I am the youngest of four children. I have one sister and two older brothers. They have each enriched my life in different ways. I have already talked about my sister, how she read to me, told me stories and got me my first library card. She will always be my older sister, the person I defer to and ask advice of. She is basically my best friend without whom I couldn't be who I am.

I have two older brothers, my oldest brother went away to college when I was only 6 years old. I have talked about him before too when I spoke about the book The Marvelous Toy . He is also the one who took me to see The Wonderful Wizard of Oz when I was little, it was a going away present to me before he left for college. I think for a long time he still thought of me as a child but as I grew up we had some great talks because we had similar interests. I had some great conversations with him.

Then there is my other brother Michael who is a few years older than me. He was basically my "tormentor" when we were kids. He always teased me and tickled me, but in a good way. He was never malicious and I knew he cared about me. He was and is very sweet too and when he knew I was sad he would always try to make me feel better. Once when I was home sick he tried to bring me an ice cream cone from school~of course it melted but it was the thought that counted. I know I can turn to him if I ever need anything.

A few weeks ago on Grandparents Day I suggested the flip book What Grandma's Do Best/What Grandpa's Do Best by Laura Numeroff. Well she has finally done the book I had always hoped she would do. What Sister's Do Best/What Brother's Do Best a perfect book for me. The text is pretty much the same for both but that doesn't matter, it is a great story for anyone who has siblings. It is great for parents to read to their children since it will hopefully help with any sibling rivalry that might exist in their home. All brothers and sisters fight but sometimes it is nice to be reminded what is like to have one or two people who will always be there for you. It would make a really great gift!

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