Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Flashback Tuesday: A Mother for Choco by Keiko Kasza

When looking for books on adoption so many people are disconcerted because they want to find "their" story to tell their child. That is pretty much an impossible thing. What I have always loved about A Mother for Choco was the fact that it is just about finding a family. Choco is a little yellow bird who wants to find its mother but can't find one that looks like him, enter Mrs Bear who takes him in and just starts mothering him as if he were her own. I loved to recommend it because it deals with how some adopted children feel about looking like everyone else. Since it uses animals it is more universal in scope and spirit. A beautiful story for everyone!

I also love the fact that it comes in a board book form for even the youngest child. Here's to family no matter what they look like!

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