Thursday, November 12, 2009

Guinness World Record Day!!!

According to the Guinness World Record website today "is a day that rejoices in the fun and excitement of record-breaking"! This event is in its 5th year!
While working in the stores and even as a buyer the yearly Guinness Book of World Records annual was always a big seller. There are so many kids out there who love to read about facts and figures. There are even daredevil kids who like to see how they can get into the "book".
What I have always loved about this book each year is that it is an easy sell....since there is always new information it isn't hard to want a new one each year. If I were still in the stores I would probably plan an event around the book and this day that would involve trying to break a record. This book makes a great gift for young and old and comes out at just the right time.
Here is to the adventurer in all of us!

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