Friday, November 27, 2009

Holiday book ideas for Families

The holidays are upon us. Today is called "black Friday" which means many of you are out in the stores looking for bargains. I have always felt that books make great gifts and that they are very cost efficient. With books there is no need to worry about sizes and they are usually easy to wrap.

While I was in the bookstore one of the many questions I got had to do with gifts for families. Many customers wanted to buy just one thing that a whole family could enjoy. There were always a range of ages that needed to be addressed. I always suggested some sort of anthology because anthologies could encompass many age groups.

Here is a list of books that would be great for a family gift, something they can enjoy again and again. Some I have recommended before but bear repeating.


The 20th Century Children's Book Treasury edited by Janet Shulman

This book has classic picture books and stories that are meant to be read aloud. It has something for everyone.

The 20th Century Children's Poetry Treasury select. by Jack Prelutsky Illus by Meilo So
A nice companion book to the aformentioned treasury.

A Treasury of Children's Literature by Armand Eisen

All in one volume containing nursery rhymes, poetry and stories. Beautiful illustrations...

A Children's Book of Virtues by William Bennett

The first in a series of books based on an adult title. Always a big hit~

Julie Andrews' Collection of Poems, Songs & Lullabies by Julie Andrews & Emma Walton Hamilton

Beautiful new book that is sure to please any family.

These are just a few suggestions of great anthologies to buy as a family gift. Many of them have companion titles to go along with them. Keep in mind that these are a jumping off point that are here to give you ideas. There are many more where these came from.

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