Sunday, November 15, 2009

Reference Sunday: Thank You, Sarah (The Woman Who Saved Thanksgiving) by Laurie Halse Anderson illus by Matt Faulkner

With Thanksgiving less than two weeks away I thought it was time to start suggesting some great Thanksgiving books.

Did you know that Thanksgiving wasn't always a national holiday? I found this really great book that tells the story of Sarah Hale the woman who campaigned to make Thanksgiving a national holiday. She wrote letters to five presidents until finally President Abraham Lincoln introduced legislation that made it a national holiday in 1863. Up until that time each state had it own day at different times of the year. There was no consistency in dates or celebrations. Sarah felt that this was wrong and as she was a strongwilled woman decided to change that.

This book by acclaimed author Laurie Halse Anderson is wonderful because it retells Sarah's story but in a fun and whimsical way. It is a great way to explain to children how this holiday came to be. I love to suggest books that show something we might take for granted in a new light. The illustrations adds a touch of humor that is very inviting.
Thank You, Sarah is a must for any families library ~it should be read every year, just to remind us of why we give thanks.

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