Monday, November 2, 2009

November is Adoption Month: I Wished For You by Marianne Richmond

I have always known that November has been designated as National Adoption Month. When I worked in the bookstore I would always try to highlight it and do displays with adoption books. Back in the those days there were not as many books as there are today. When I moved into the buying office I always wanted to do something in all the stores for Adoption Month but could never pull it off because November is set aside for Holiday sales. It didn't fit the mold.

I could just give a list today of Adoption stories that would be perfect for children. I have decided instead to highlight either one book or a few books on different days, this way I can spread it out.

I Wished for You by Marianne Richmond is a very sweet story of a mother telling her child he is her wish come true. This is a wonderful book because it cuts to the core of adoption. Adoption always starts with a wish; a wish for a child, a wish for a family. The soft illustrations are as endearing as the words. This book speaks volumes and is a great read aloud for any child.

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