Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Robin McKinley

Today is the birthday of one of my favorite authors. Robin McKinley writes the kind of books I wished I had when I was young. I was so happy to discover her works as an adult, while I love her book The Blue Sword I must admit that I like her next one which is it's prequel a bit better. The Hero and the Crown is so beautifully written with a fun and exciting story.

I love how she writes about strong female characters who are not perfect. I think all girls can see a little bit of themselves in them.

Robin McKinley also writes retelling of fairy tales. I know I repeat myself when I say that I love retellings of old tales. When authors do that they give the readers comfort in what they know and excitement for where it will lead.
My favorite of these is her first book Beauty!
These are great books for the tween and teen girls in your life~and maybe some adult's. They are the type of books that cross over into grown up world of books.
So again Happy Birthday Robin McKinley~thanks for the gifts you have given the world!

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