Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Flashback Tuesday: Tell Me Again About the Night I was Born by Jamie Lee Curtis illus by Laura Cornell

When Jamie Lee Curtis' book When I Was Little (Memoirs of a 4 year old) first came out I loved it. I thought it was the cutest story and I still think it is one of the best titles ever put on a book. What surprised me was that I didn't know that the Jamie Lee Curtis on the book was THE Jamie Lee Curtis---actress. To this day I admire the fact that she never touted her name. So many celebrities write books and put their name in bold and highlight who they are. She never does that. She was smart enough not to do that. She was also smart to hook up with a fantastic kid friendly illustrator. Their collaborations through the years have been inspiring. Their books are kids friendly and great to read aloud.

Jamie Lee Curtis' second book is the main book I wanted to "flashback" to today. I always loved Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born because even though it is an adoption story it resonates for all parents. Most parents get that question. I know I asked it. I loved to hear the story of my birth~it was semi exciting. The fact that it is an adoption story makes it a bit more endearing. It is not the story of every type of adoption just the story of one, just like no birth story for any child will be the same~even within families. It is just a wonderful story of how a child came to be with her parents. It is a warm and funny book that is a classic unto its own and it should be celebrated as such. So even if your children are not adopted it is a great book to read with your kids....because they too will ask "about the night they were born"!

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