Friday, December 4, 2009

The Amazing Menorah of Mazeltown by Joy Fate & Harold Dresner Illus by Neil Shapiro

With a week to go before Hanukkah begins next Friday, I thought I would suggest a great book for this wonderful holiday. I have always liked the message of Hanukkah...the idea of a "Festival of Lights" is very inspiring.

While in the stores this was a fun holiday to celebrate because it is so joyous. I wished I had this book to read when I used to do storytimes. What I like about this book is that is not just a retelling of the Hanukkah story but a new take on celebrating it. The illustrations are sweet and accessible and the story is fun to read. If you are shopping for Hanukkah this weekend this would be a great book to have for your own children~it would also make a great gift.
Tomorrow I will give a list of some great classic Hanukkah stories that are sure to please every age.

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