Thursday, December 17, 2009

Heart of a Snowman by Mary Kuryla Illus by Eugene Yelchin

Every year it amazes me that so many new Christmas books are published. Just when I think that a new story can't be written I find one that is special and magical.

Heart of A Snowman is just that kind of a book. It is a magical story of a boy who builds a snowman every year on Christmas Eve only to have it disappear by Christmas morning. The illustrations of the snowman are wonderful as is the expressions on the characters faces. They are real and inviting. The story too has such wonderful elements that remind us of the true meaning of Christmas and that "love" is central to that meaning. It isn't preachy or overbearing and makes a good read aloud. I especially love the relationship between the boy and his sister ~as it is a true depiction of siblings.
This would make a great gift ~a really sweet story to be read year after year...a new timeless tale!

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