Thursday, December 3, 2009

The True Gift: A Christmas Story by Patricia MacLachlan illus by Brian Floca

I have always love to read Patricia MacLachlan, she is one of those writers that doesn't need alot of words to get her point across. Her books always have a lyrical feel to them.

The True Gift: A Christmas Story is another lyrical book. Yes, it is sentimental but this time of year is when we need that in our lives. I love how it has a message that speaks to children and adults. I think it is message that still needs to be heard. Basically the adage is true: It is better to give than receive~.

I think most of yearn for tradition. We want everything to be the same as last year or the year before. We have this desire to do things like we did as kids. But as in life things change, traditions change. Sometimes we learn this early and sometimes it takes awhile. This book shows us adults that sometimes change is good and that we can make new traditions. Sometimes it takes a child to teach us. This beautifully illustrated and poetic book it a great addition to any holiday tradition~a perfect family gift too!

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