Sunday, January 17, 2010

Reference Sunday: Haiti & Earthquakes

The tragedy this past week is all around us. There has been non-stop coverage and the news can be pretty brutal. As an adult I find that the images can be disturbing and heartbreaking. Most would agree that we should try to limit what our children see, but that is not always possible. I thought I would recommend some books that parents or other adults might use to explain this tragedy to their children. Some children might not even be aware of where Haiti is or why it is so poor. I thought it would be a good time to explain Earthquakes too.

Haiti by Bob Temple--meant for 9-12 year olds but good information can be gleaned for younger children.

Haiti: A Question & Answer Book by Preszler ---good general information about Haiti.

Selavi, That is Life: A Haitian Story of Hope by Youme Landowne---meant for ages 4-8~a beautiful picture book that will explain to children what Haiti is all about.

Witness to Disaster: Earthquakes by Judy Fradin -- good book for older kids that gives a good historical perspective of earthquakes. It also has lots of graphs and information of how & why earthquakes occur.

Earthquakes: Let's Read & Find Out Science by Franklyn M. Branley-- this is the perfect book to explain to younger children what earthquakes are. This is a great series.

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